Training Ground Lease

We are happy to open the RockErin Retriever Training Complex to other retriever and sporting dog enthusiasts. If you would like to discuss a lease call (405) 743-9475.

-  Annual Lease will approximate 9 months between waterfowl seasons. It will start the day after waterfowl season and will run to the week before waterfowl season begins in the fall.
-  There will be a maximum of 10 Non-Professional leases and 2 Professional leases each year. See fee schedule below.
-  Priority for renewal will be given to those individuals who held an annual lease the previous year. Rockerin LLC has the right to not renew the lease of an individual.
-  Other conditions and requirements of a training lease are specified in the lease contract which each lessee must complete before using the property.
Training Lease Rates
* Maximum
Club Lease Rates

- Day Training : $50/person/day to a maximum of $500/day and fifteen persons per training session.
- Annual Training Lease: $10,000 (approx. 9 mo) (maximum of 50 training days per annual lease)
- Field Trial/Competitions: $600/day

Rules for use

1.   Practice gun safety at all times.
2.   Stay on established roads or trails.
3.   Driving across dams is allowed only if the top-of-dam has a gravel road. Driving of vehicles (including ATV) across dams that do not  have a gravel road is strictly prohibited.
4.   ATV use is allowed, but please tread lightly and stay on established roads or trails when possible
5.   Do not discard birds on RockErin property or the entrance road to the property.
6.   Do not litter. Please remove all trash, spent shotgun shells, marking ribbon, etc.
7.   RockErin reserves the right to close the property at any time for special events, trials, field tests, or seminars. Leases will be given    prior notice of these dates via email.
8.   Lock gates behind you at all times, coming in and going out.
9. Notify RockErin of any violators or trespassers at (405) 743-9475.
10.  RockErin has the right to discontinue any or all leases if grounds are being abused or individuals are acting reckless and irresponsible.
11. Additional rules and conditions of lease are contained in the Lease Agreement that must be completed and approved by lessor.
12. Lessee’s must complete Lease Agreement to the satisfaction of the Lessor ( RockErin Properties). Copies of Lease Agreement are available upon request.

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