RockErin Kennels LLC – Stud Service Contract

A. General Conditions

1. Bitch Certification
The owner of the bitch shall provide accurate documentation of the following items to the stud owner before a breeding or release of semen will be allowed by the stud owner.

a. A copy of the bitch’s AKC registration certificate.
b. A copy of, or access to, a three-generation pedigree of the bitch.
c. A copy of OFA hip and elbow certifications of clearance.
d. A copy of Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) report showing eye clearance for the bitch.
e. Copies of DNA-testing reports for centronuclear myopathy (CNM) and exercise-induced collapse (EIC) in Labrador females and progressive retinal atrophy (prcdPRA) and icthyosis in golden retrievers. Stud service shall be denied to bitches that are genetically afflicted with any of these disorders unless experimental breedings are agreed to by RockErin Kennels.
f. Documentation by veterinarian that the bitch is current on its vaccinations including rabies.
g. Documentation that the bitch is brucellosis clear/negative within 30 days of date of natural matings or inseminations using fresh-semen in presence of stud dog.
h. A photo of the bitch that is not more than 1 year old.

2. Estrus and Ovulation Detection
The bitch owner agrees to perform an adequate number of blood sample tests to measure serum concentrations progesterone and/or luteinizing hormone (LH) to help assess the timing of the LH surge, first day of oestrus and optimum days for breeding by artificial insemination (AI) or natural mating procedures.

3. Puppy Sales
The bitch owner warrants and agrees that pups from the litter shall not be sold to a broker/agent or a commercial enterprise that sells pups either retail or wholesale to public or other interested parties.

4. Litter registration
Completion of the litter registration shall not be done by Owner(s) of the stud dog until and unless the terms of this stud service contract are met to the full satisfaction of RockErin Kennels LLC and/or the Owner(s) of the stud dog.

5. Waiver of Contract Conditions
The stud dog owner(s) or their approved agents, at their discretion, reserve the right to waive one or more of the conditions herein set forth in this Stud Service Contract on a case-by-case basis.

6. A signed Stud Service Contact must be completed by Owner(s) of the bitch and be in the possession of RockErin Kennels before a natural mating is sanctioned and before fresh-chilled or frozen semen is shipped or released to Owner(s), or their agents, of the bitch.

B. Breeding and Stud Fees

Stud fees differ in amount depending on the stud dog used in the breeding. The stud fee for each dog is listed with pedigree information of the stud dog (see category Stud Dogs) on this web site.

1. Natural (live) matings.

a. Fifty percent (50%) of a stated stud fee shall be received as a deposit by stud owner (or their agent) before breeding. A nonrefundable service fee of $200 shall be retained on all natural matings.
b. Bitches will be charged a boarding/handling fee of $20/day while in the custody of RockErin Kennels LLC.
c. An airport service fee of $150 shall be charged for pick up and/or delivery of bitches to Tulsa or Oklahoma City airports between the hours of 9 am and 8 pm on Mondays through Fridays inclusive; the charge is $200 if bitches need to be dropped off at the airports before 9 am or at any time on Saturdays and Sundays.
d. Costs of shipping, transport and airport service fees are the sole responsibility of the Owner(s) of the bitch.
e. One tie constitutes a breeding but an additional one (1) or two (2) tie(s) may occur at the discretion of the Owner(s) of the stud dog and/or RockErin Kennels LLC.
f. RockErin Kennels reserves the right to perform insemination of aggressive, difficult or fractious bitches by deposition of fresh semen in the cranial vagina of such bitches. The cost of collection and insemination shall be an additional cost of breeding and this cost is the sole responsibility of the Owner(s) of the bitch. Costs of semen collection and insemination are the responsibility solely of the bitch owner and shall be paid by credit card at their source and before breeding.
g. Medical fees, treatment fees and other costs incurred by the bitch while in the custody of RockErin Kennels are the sole responsibility of the Owner(s) of the bitch.

2. Fresh-chilled and frozen semen breedings.

a. Fifty percent (50%) of a stated stud fee shall be received as a deposit by stud owner (or their agent) before breeding. A nonrefundable service fee of $300 shall be retained on all breedings employing fresh-chilled semen or frozen semen.
b. The bitch owner shall pay costs of transport of the stud dog for semen collection, semen collection fees and shipping fees for breedings employing fresh-chilled semen. Cost of transportation of the stud dog to semen collection site and veterinarian charges for collecting the stud dog and preparing and shipping fresh-chilled semen are determined per occurrence and paid by credit card before collection and shipping of semen.

3. Stud fees and litter size.

Three (3) or more pups whelped alive shall constitute a litter. The stud fee shall be reduced to fifty percent (50%) of the stated stud fee if one or two pups are whelped alive.

4. Infertile breedings and stud fee refunds.

a. The amount of the deposit less the nonrefundable, service-fee charge shall be paid to the bitch owner if the bitch does not conceive, that is become pregnant. Medical examination of the bitch in the first 65 days postbreeding that determines a diagnosis of pregnancy and/or birth of any number of live or dead pups shall constitute pregnancy.
b. Refunds shall be issued for breedings using frozen semen only if the frozen semen is used within one (1) year of receipt by the person(s) whose signature and contact information is recorded on this Stud Service Contract.

5. Litter registration and stud fee payment.

The balance of the stud fee charges shall be paid to the stud owner within fourteen (14) days of date of whelping. The full balance of any outstanding fees, charges or other requirements shall be paid or honored by the bitch owner before the litter registration paper shall be completed and signed by the stud dog owner or their agent.

C. Liability and Damages

1. Owner(s) of the bitch agree to indemnify and hold harmless RockErin Kennels LLC and Owner(s) and agents of the stud dog from any and all loss, cost or damage occurring to them or their property while the bitch is in the custody of the stud dog owner(s) or RockErin kennels LLC.

2. Owner(s) of the bitch hereby mutually release and forever discharge RockErin Kennels LLC and the stud-dog owner(s) and, where applicable, their respective past, present and future officers, directors, stockholders, attorneys, agents, veterinary clinics and clinicians, servants, representatives, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, predecessors, successors in interest, assigns and insurance carriers, and any and all other persons, firms or corporations with whom any of the former have been or now may be hereinafter affiliated, of and from any and all past, present or future claims, demands, obligations, actions, causes of actions, rights, damages, costs, expenses and compensation of any nature whatsoever, whether based on tort, contract or other theory of recovery, and whether for general, compensatory, special, consequential or punitive damages which the Owner(s) of the bitch or their agents, if any, now have or may hereinafter acquire on account of or in any way growing out of the activities which are the subject matter of the above and foregoing Stud Service Contract, including without limitation any and all known or unknown claims which have resulted or which may result from the alleged acts, commissions, omissions or breaches of RockErin Kennels LLC and/or Owner(s) of the stud dog.

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