Glenhoma’s El Chupacabra QAA

About Chupa:
Call Name: Chupa
Date of Birth: March 17, 2011
Gender: Male
Color: Black, Chocolate Factored Bb-EE (BC)
Owner: Richard Davis
Registration: AKC: SR68300601
Chupa is a phenomenal dog. Excellent worker, hard running, strives to please, great marking ability and loves to train. He is a sweetheart when not training.

Chupa's Achievements:

Open 4th at Acadiana Retriever Club Spring 2016 2. Amateur 3rd @ Cheyenne Retriever Club, WY, Summer 2016 3. Open 2nd at Central Arkansas Ret. Club Spring 2017 4. Amateur 4th Tulsa Retriever Club, OK Spring Trial 2017 5. Open 1st Tulsa Retriever, OK Club Spring Trial 2017 6. Qualifier for 2017 NRC.
Derby 1st Centennial Retriever Club Summer Field Trial 2012
Derby 1st Lone Star Retriever Club Spring Field Trial 2013
Qualifying 2nd Tulsa Retriever Club 2013 Spring Field Trial
Qualifying 3rd Cajun Riviera Club 2014 Spring Field Trial
Qualifying 1st Tulsa Retriever Club 2014 Spring Field Trial
Qualifying 2nd Sooner Retriever Club Owner Handler Qualifying Spring 2014

Chupa's Genetic Clearances:

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Chupa's Health Information:
Hips (OFA): LR204326G27M
Elbows (OFA): Clear (Pending)
Eyes (CERF): LR377697
EIC: D12-025180 (Clear)
CNM: Clear by parentage

Stud Information:

Contact the owner, Richard Davis, for breeding availability and stud fees.

Disclaimer: Chupa is not owned by RockErin Kennels. He is listed here because he was bred, trained, used for breeding, or previously owned by RockErin. Contact the owner, Richard Davis, for any additional information.

Chupa's Photo Gallery

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Chupa's Pedigree

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